Discover unique corporate holiday party ideas to celebrate your employees this season!

Whether you’re still trying to meet your fourth-quarter goals or are already planning those for the new year, one event still remains. The holidays! For diverse teams with different backgrounds and cultures, planning holiday office party ideas may feel a bit challenging. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from celebrating your hard-working teams and the close of another year. 

‍Check out our ideas for throwing an unforgettable bash that’s just right for your team! From corporate Christmas party ideas to team-building events that are more universal, our list of themes also features the best ideas for custom swag, corporate gifts, snacks and sweet treats, fun decor, giveaways, and more. ‍

Unique Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

1. Casino Night 

What’s so great about a casino night? First, you can make it as holiday-themed as you would like or not at all. This adult playground offers all the fun of a real casino minus the risk of over-betting or overindulging. 

‍If a casino night tops your list of corporate Christmas party ideas, here are some ways to deal out some serious fun! Have more than enough tables to support your attendees so they can move around from game to game without having to wait for a seat. Back Jack, Poker, Craps, and Roulette are popular games you can feature at your tables. 

‍Double down on a night of team bonding with take-home swag like custom dice and playing cards, branded tees and hats, and personalized barware. 

Shown: Sandstone Playing Cards
Shown: Custom Dof Cheers Glass

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown:  Aimé Leon Dore; Neck wallet and Casino Shirt

2. Tasting Tour

For holiday work party ideas that stand the test and taste of time, consider having a wine tasting or a brewery tour. These are versatile in that you can host at a winery or brewery, or set up a happy hour at your office. These ideas can even extended to virtual tastings and happy hours. 

‍For custom gear, swag, and gifts they’ll love to raise their glass to think custom drinkware and reusable cups for a sustainable option that can be used again and again. For a fun addition to your giveaways, you can’t go wrong with custom pullovers, logo jackets, and personalized hats.  

Shown: Corkcicle Eco Stacker Stainless steel Cups and Arctican Can Cooler 

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A24 Copper Half Snap Fleece and Sport Socks

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore; Shown Aimé Leon Dore Logo Tee and Buddy Cap 

3. Holiday-Themed Trivia Night

Let the reindeer games begin! For corporate Christmas party ideas that are sure to bring the fun, a holiday-themed trivia night is just the ticket! Your employees will love showing off their holiday smarts or wintry corporate wisdom in a battle of wits. For fun trivia ideas, mix brain-teasers, pop culture, and funny riddles, into your holiday-specific trivia. You can even test their knowledge of your company. 

For a snowstorm of wintry fun, stock your bar with cocoa, hot teas, ciders, and holiday cocktails. Twinkly lights and a photo station can also double as decor. When it comes to giveaways and custom gear, you can’t go wrong with adding your logo to apparel and cozy socks. Branded cheer sticks are fun to keep the excitement going, while Instagram’s favorite Stanley Tumbler keeps them hydrated at your party and beyond. 

Shown: AsColour Long Sleeve Tee 

Shown: The Quencher Stanley Tumbler 

Shown: Custom Cheer Sticks + Escuyer Stripe Crew Socks 

4. Hollywood Holiday 

For holiday office party ideas that add a dose of glitz and glamour to the mix, you can’t go wrong with a Hollywood-themed soirée! Roll out the red carpet, have designated photographers mark the occasion(paparazzi-style of course), and hire a  band to keep the party in full swing. 

When it comes to remembering your night of celebration, you can’t go wrong with take-home gifts themed to the event or your company. Custom coasters, drinks, cocktail accessories, and holiday snack bags are toast-worthy favorites, while personalized cameras capture more moments. Complete the ensemble with branded accessories like wash bags and carabiners.  

Shown: Custom Coasters and Fujifilm Instax Camera

Shown: Mixology Rocks Glassware and Compartes Chocolate 

Shown: Rains Wash Bag and Rains Carabiner

5. Retreat

While most company holiday party ideas are synonymous with sugary drinks and decadent desserts, taking a completely different approach is a nice break from more traditional Corporate Christmas party ideas. And, for companies with lots of diversity when it comes to celebration traditions, a good old retreat is a break of fresh air. 

‍Whether you take the event off-site or hire someone to help guide your teams through activities, is up to you. Just make sure you consider your attendees’ fitness level and comfort zone. Then have fun with meditation, yoga, sports, and anything else that suits your hard-working employees. 

To help commemorate the occasion, celebrate with retreat-themed gifts like water bottles, custom apparel and hats, portable speakers, games, and more!

Shown: Vuori Tee and Joggers

Shown: Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Photo courtesy of Revolve and Alibaba; Shown: Monroe Towel and Custom Crochet Tote 

6. Dance Through The Decades 

The great thing about a themed party that spans different decades— everyone can have a favorite! Since lots and lots of music is needed to dance the night away, you can’t go wrong with hiring a DJ  for your holiday party entertainment!

When it comes to holiday work party ideas, have a dance-off, live dedications, trivia time warp,  musical chairs mash-up (with music through the years),  name-that-tune, and a costume contest. Then for the perfect wrap, send them home with custom parting gifts centered around your music theme, as well as custom merch they can wear into the new year.  

Shown: Disco Ball Tumbler, Custom Sweatshirt, and JBL Headphones

Shown: 100 Music Jokes and Portable Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker

Shown: Custom Patch and Washed Denim Mega Cap 

7. Travel-Themed Around the World Party 

Take your guests on a global journey featuring the best of everything. From international cuisine, worldly decor, and cultural elements from near and far, it’s among the holiday office party ideas that don’t rely on seasonal decor. 

When it comes to corporate holiday party activities, you have plenty of options. From worldly trivia and a travel scavenger hunt to a Passport Adventure where guests receive a “passport” when they arrive and can collect stamps or stickers as they complete fun tasks at each station. Then, make it a party to remember with custom souvenirs that keep with the travel theme. 

Photo (left) courtesy of Only NY;  Shown: Only NY Cap and Rains Duffel Bag

Shown: Teakwood Stainless Steel Bottle and Custom Stickers

Shown: Got Bag Rolltop Lite Backpack and Got Bag Passport Cover

8.  Obstacle Course Party 

Challenges are a part of life and work. From tight deadlines to hard projects, your employees have probably navigated their fair share. So why not give them a fun challenge that inspires teamwork?

For team-building holiday party ideas, consider ropes courses, escape rooms, treasure hunts, cooking challenges, mystery dinners… and the like! Plus, when it comes to the best custom merch, you can tailor it around your theme with custom apparel and gear or invest in holiday gifts for employees to mark the occasion. 

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Only NY Frisbee and Crewneck Sweatshirt

Shown: Stanley Tumbler and Topo Designs Dirt Hoodie

Shown: Topo Designs Square Bag and Camp Mug

9. Virtual Party 

Getting your team together in person for Corporate holiday party activities is a great way to celebrate the season. However, virtual-themed corporate holiday party ideas can also be fun and memorable. Not only does it offer more convenience for your employees, but companies with remote teams, especially those too far to commute, are able to skip the stress and expense of factoring holiday travel into their budget. 

To make your virtual party feel as exclusive as an in-person one, send a save-the-date card in advance so your employees can block their calendars accordingly. As your event gets closer an official invite is a great way to make it feel special. Be sure and ask for RSVPs so you can plan accordingly. You’ll also want to make sure you have an interactive platform that’s easy to use and can support your audience size. 

Before the event, mail out holiday gifts or swag boxes to your employees in advance. Not only will this differentiate your party from their weekly call-in it also is a way to infuse some fun into your party and help all employees feel like they are part of the team. When curating ideas for your swag box, you can’t go wrong with branded gifts that support your online event. Yummy snacks, customized drinkware, apparel, and tech items that can used at the event and beyond are great options!

Shown: Stanley Wine Tumbler + Ring Light 
Shown: Hey Champ Pretzel + Mad Happy Custom Contrast Stitch Tee

Shown: Eatable Champagne Snacks + Calyan Wax Co Candle

10. Holiday Charity Fundraiser

Throwing a fun Holiday Charity Fundraiser for your employees can be a wonderful way to foster team spirit, give back to the community, and celebrate the holiday season. It is also a great way to highlight your corporate culture. 

There are different ways to celebrate and raise money for this event. However, the one thing you’ll need to do whatever route you go is to choose a charity. Choose one that resonates with your company’s values and mission. This will help your employees feel more passionate about supporting. From there, you’ll want to define your goals for the fundraiser. This can be a project or initiative that the charity supports or raising a specific monetary amount. 

Corporate holiday party activities that support your goal could include having a silent auction, selling raffle tickets for a chance to win exciting prizes, setting up donation stations, having online fundraising, and creating an online fundraising platform where employees can easily donate and track their progress.

When it comes to branded gifts for your event, talk to your Gemnote rep about custom merch brands that also have a heart for doing good. 

For example, every Miir product supports transparent giving for communities and the environment. 

Every Miir product has a trackable code to for transparency in their giving.

Shown: Miir Wide Mouth Bottle  

Shown: Baron Fig Confident Notebook

What ensures a fun fun party?

You can’t go wrong with holiday party entertainment like music, games, festive food and spirits! As for the types of holiday party activities you can also include gift exchanges (like a White elephant or secret Santa) which is fun and inclusive while bringing people together and encourages team building. 

‍While bringing people out of their comfort zone can be fun and entertaining, ensuring employees aren’t put on the spot or required to participate is a must. While some individuals may enjoy the spotlight, others may have just as much fun being a spectator. 

‍And, if you’re looking for team building holiday party ideas outside of the traditional Christmas party, consider team-building get-togethers, happy hours, corporate retreats, fundraisers, or an event that celebrates the employees and their latest achievements. 

‍Best ways to get custom corporate gifts or giveaways 

Bring your holiday work party ideas to life with custom corporate gift ideas that your employees can take home and enjoy long after the holidays are through! To help ensure you get the best products and prices for your investment, let G2R handle the details. From the best suppliers to quality printing, embossing, and more, they offer curated professional products to fit your brand and the best in customization. 

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